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Railwatch 077 - October 1998

Sales stand


A-Z OF RAIL RE-OPENINGS 4th edition. Details Railwatch 76 code:ATOZ4 price:£6.95
LIFE BEYOND CARS our green lifestyle book tells stories of people who get around happily without a car code:LBC-E2 price:£1.95
PROTECTING THE NETWORK Problems of a fragmented rail system code:PTNET price:£1.00
DIRECTORY OF RAIL USER GROUPS (1998) code:RUG98 free, but please add 75p post/packing
FIGHTING FOR RAIL RDS 10th anniversary handbook. Was £1.80

code:FFORR price:£1.00

RAIL FOR THE FUTURE Foreword by Michael Palin. Was £1.95 code:RFORF price:£1.00

By Rail series

Choose from: Scotland (SCOBR), Lincs/Notts/Derbys (LNDBR), In & Around London (IALON), North East (NOEBR), East Anglia (EANBR), Yorkshire (YORBR), Wales & the Marches (WAMBR) all now £1 each



DEVELOPING RAIL Our 20th anniversary book due end of Sept 98. Covers all aspects of RDS campaigning: past, present & future! code:DRAIL price:£3.00
ANNIVERSARY PEN luxury ball pen. Burgundy with gold lettering: RAILWAY DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY 1978-1998 code:ANPEN price:£1.85


RDS NATIONAL SURVEY OF RAIL PASSENGERS (Dec 97) all the results code:SRP97 price:85p
HOW RAIL CAN DELIVER Issues central to our lobbying in 1998. 23 pages code:HRCDR price:£2.00
LOCAL LINES recent edition of RDS newsletter to rail user groups code:LLINE price:50p
THE GREAT ROAD TRANSPORT SUBSIDY Cheating on rail 28pp code:TGRTS price:£1.50
HALT! - DISTORTIONS 50 myths from road transport lobby exploded

code:HALTD price:£1.50

OUR CHANGING STATIONS (July 97) Money-spinner for developers or real benefits for passengers? Was £1.50 code:CHAST price: 85p


RDS conference/visit reports

19TH RAIL USERS CONFERENCE (Sept 97) code:CRU19 price:£1.00
RAIL REOPENINGS (Jun 98) Cambridge code:CRR98 price:£1.00
RDS STRASBOURG VISIT Oct 97. 10-page write-up about trains, trams (incl Karlsruhe) etc. Full of interest code:STRAS price:£1.50



THE GREAT RAILWAY CONSPIRACY. Beeching closures. Was £10.99 code:GRCON price:£7.50
ON AND OFF THE RAILS Peter Rayner. Details Railwatch 75. 384pp code:OAOTR price incl post:£13.98
THE GREAT BRITISH RAILWAY DISASTER Christian Wolmar's 1996 privatisation roundup Was £5.99 code:TGBRD price:£4.25
THOMAS the PRIVATISED TANK ENGINE Private Eye satire. Was £4.99 code:TTPTE price:£2.50
HIGH SPEED TRAINS Was £9.99 240pp code:GOHST price:£4.99
GUINNESS RAILWAY FACT-BOOK 192-page reference. Was £9.99 code:RFACT price:£4.50
RAILWAY TRIVIA Delightful illustrated book with 100s of entertaining trivia questions in 6 categories. Was £3.95 code:RTRIV price:£1.99



ENGLAND'S MOST EASTERLY RAILWAY by T. Garrod. 58-page illustrated book celebrating first 150 years of the Norwich-Lowestoft line code:EMERY price:£3.95
RAILS TO THE VALE Vale of Glamorgan Line. History/reopening

code:RVALE price:£1.99

EUROPE BEYOND THE TUNNEL edited by T. Garrod, 1994. Exploring the near continent by rail. Was £7.99 code:EURBT price:£3.95
PLACES TO VISIT BY TRAIN new editions by J Hewes. Choose from: South London & Surrey (PTVLS), Kent (PTVKT), or Sussex (PTVSX)

price each:£1.65
all three:£4.50

Class 50s in Devon & Corn-wall Large photo book. Was £4.95 code: CL50S price:£1.95
Rail Rover from Kent to Cornwall -the Southern in 1959. Big hardback book, 172 pages. Was £16.95 code:ROVER price:£6.99


Jeff Vinter's Railway Walks

Guides to walking closed rail routes. Details Railwatch 75. Choose from:  
GWR & SR (GWSRW); LNER (LNERW); LMS (LMSRW). Were £14.95 each price each:£5.95
Also WALES (WALRW) - this one is a paperback (other 3 are hardbacks) Was £9.99 price:£4.95
GAZETTEER OF RAILWAY WALKS 97/98. Listing of all UK trackbed paths over 2 ml with explanations for selected routes. 34 pages code:GAZET price £2.00



RAILWAY ELECTRIFICATION MAP of EUROPE with analysis booklet code:REMAP price:£6.95
WORLD RAILWAY GAUGE MAP with analysis booklet. 28" x 38" code:RGMAP price:£5.95

code:USMAP price:£4.95


New from Thomas Cook:

RAIL MAP OF EUROPE (1998) Main map covers from the Atlantic to Moscow, and from Scandinavia to the Med. Central Europe enlarged on reverse code:EUMAP price:£4.95
RAIL MAP OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND (Jul 98) Double sided. Enlargement of London area. Lines coloured acc. to train operator. Also scenic routes, preserved lines, tourist attractions code:GBMAP price:£5.95


Ian Allan 'abc' publications

BRITISH RAILWAYS ATLAS June 98 pocket edition, includes Ireland code:BRATL price:£8.99
EUROPEAN RAILWAYS ATLAS July 97 pocket edition. Passenger, freight and preserved railways code:ERATL price:£7.99
MODERN SIGNALLING HANDBOOK (1996) 96pp with photos and diags code:MOSIG price:£7.99
RAILWAY TERMINOLOGY exp-lains signalling, operations, traction, rolling stock and the permanent way code:RTERM price:£6.99


Rail Guides from Bradt:

Details Railwatch 76. Choose from: Eastern Europe(EURBR) £7.50; Spain & Portugal (SAPBR) £7.50; Sri Lanka(SRLBR) £7.50; India (INDBR) £11.95; Australia & NZ (ANZBR) £10.95; USA & Canada (USABR) £10.95; Russia, Belarus & Ukraine (RBUBR) £13.95; Greece (GREBR) £11.95; Switzerland (SWIBR) £10.95; South Africa (SAFBR - due mid October) £11.95


STATIONERY & named goods

BIKE CONSIGNMENT LABELS Details Railwatch 75. 85p for 5 or £1.65 for 10 code:BTLAB
ENVELOPE RE-USE LABELS "Get Freight back on Rail" message. Pad of 100 code:FRLAB price:£2.25
CAR WINDOW STICKER same message code:STICK price:£0.85
THE RDS ENAMEL BROOCH Society's name & logo on Eurostar loco code:BADGE price:£2.40
THE RDS NECKTIE Gold logo on Maroon (MNTIE) or Royal Blue (RBTIE) price each:£6.50

code:PNPAD price:90pRefill only:
code:REFIL price:35p

MODERN TRACTION POST-CARDS 10 asstd full-colour. Was £1.50 code:PCARD price:£1.25
COLIN GARRATT POSTCARDS Last days of BR. Set of 32 full colour code:BRPCS price:£3.00

TRAIN WRITING PAPER for kids to colour - with envelopes. Was £1.50

code:TNOTE price:£1.25

ERIC BOTTOMLEY NOTECARDS 3 each of 4 colour steam prints with envelopes code:SNOTE price:£3.50
CHRISTMAS CARDS with RDS message, 6 with envelopes. Were £2.15 code:XMASC price:£1.00
GWR TEA TOWEL Eight locos from Iron Duke to HST. Brown border. code:TOWEL price:£2.25
LMS TEA TOWEL Princess Elizabeth &vintage Watford unit. Maroon border

code:LMSTT price:£2.25

Please write your order out on plain paper, quoting reference R77Web. Please enclose cheque/PO payable to the Railway Development Society. Please indicate if you are an RDS member.

POSTAGE: Value of goods under £5: add 50p. £5-£10: add 95p. Over £10: add £1.30. Order from Martin Ball, RDS Sales, 89 North Wallington, Fareham, Hants PO16 8TJ.

Note: contact details (postal and email addresses, along with telephone numbers) in old editions of Railwatch out of date. Click CONTACT US for latest contact details.

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